Thank you so much for all your work and all who are on the path.

The fire within has been ignited.

Much of the suffering has been removed, yet as you have indicated in your books, when we feel that we are Enlightened, we are visited by old programs at a different degree.

* I have searched all my life, the suffering has decreased dramatically,
* the donkey has stopped chasing the carrot and there are more pauses.

I have taken on many tools on the path, many I have outgrown but the following seem to still be relevant.
* Oneness University in India that has shifted my consciousness, programs and pictures. One of their books "Love begins with accepting yourself" Sri Bhagavan
* your three books are highly impactful. I have ended up highlighting the 80% of the books.
* the three books of "E.M. Nicolay - Discovering your essence path, the system lords and the twelve dimensions
* The twelve principles of Karma - Steven Hairfield
* the light shall set you free - Milanovich

Some relevant thoughts;
+ we are going to the mirror trying to change the frown to a smile
+ pain we can not change, suffering we can
+ All suffering is originated internally
+ Love is the answer
+ 5D is 4th+5th Chakra - the love and truth
+ Oneness University - the gathering of all our pieces and bringing them back together, whether it is internally accepting all that we have rejected about our body, mind, family and externally, the trail of people that we held love back from on the way to here. It all needs to come back together
+ Accept the people who choose the dark path. Work on yourself, if they like what they see, they will follow. I am surrounded by many (family,friends,others) who at this time are feeling the shift. Many are maintaining some sanity with the tools that they have had so far not serving them anymore. Others have fully committing to the negative spiral of death path (jealousy, anger, hatred, separation, struggle,...) We are here to transform. As an awakened person, just changing one word in a sentence in our communication we can change other's lives. Thank you for your invitation to this wonderful community, dedicated to shifting humanity.
+ Start your work from within (your heart), then your parents, the rest of family, friends and bring all to peace. Face the truth of it. No more holding back. Father issues (finance problems), Mother issues (life seems difficult). Father issue also reflect the god (within).
+ If you have a doubt on a decision, you are thinking. When you go with your heart, the choice is clear, there is no doubt, there is no conflict.

in love and truth;