Hello, my name is Risa! I was born in Japan, moved to Massachusetts when I was 2yo, and recently moved by my own to CA just to see what's out here on the West coast.

I'm a passive observer of life. I feel at home when I'm just sitting somewhere, taking in everything that surrounds me---the people, animals, plants, buildings, rocks (everything and anything!). I love feeling invisible and being one with air. Meditation has helped me to fully do this without judgement towards others. This passion also urges me to go on frequent adventures! I love exploring random places, taking drives down on random roads...just to see where it leads to! 

I've also been a creative soul since birth, which I am super grateful for. I was drawing before I learned to speak and walk. I never force myself to create but learned to wait for the moments where I get a sudden creative surge (I haven't figured out where it comes from).

2018 is my 9th year in my 9 year cycle, and I can say that it's truly been a year of endings and confrontation. Many things are happening, most of them bitter-sweet, and even though it brings me down sometimes, there is always a part of me that finds a way to bring me back up.

I'm very excited and grateful for what is to come, this great adventure called life on earth. Thank you for reading and getting to know me a little bit :)

With much love and light to you all,