Hi Armi,

Firstly to say, I feel for you, I know these kinds of things can be deeply challenging Heart

The first thing to explore when anything like this happen is, "Why me?" "Why did this happen?"

To understand we need to first expand out of the confines of identity where "things are being done to me". We need to have a basic understanding of how the soul creates: it does so through polarity. Meaning, it draws to itself, like a magnet, exactly the circumstances that reflect and amplify our inner contraction about something. Like "being violated" for example. The crucial point to realise, is that such events will activate tightness and resistance internally, either physically, emotionally, mentally or karmically. Why did you create it? So as to explose that tightness that you may work into it.

I know you get this Armi, by what you shared here, which is wonderful...

I’m fed up with that fear totally! That somehow the only way for me to cope is that I must integrate everything that happens in my life as an result of my inside force, that I’m the reason, I’m in charge, I take the responsibility. Somehow I have lured those incidents into my life which shake me totally out of balance although they appear to be happen out of the blue. I meditated through all these incidents and made peace with them.

That's it - brilliant! When you make this commitment though, bear in mind what you're saying to the Universe. Effectively... "bring it on!" And so it will. And we'll have many layers to work through, so we'll create many similar circumstances to expose those other inner layers. It's just a case of keep working through, letting go and expanding out the other side.

My encouragment is to explore into the feeling of "violation". What does it mean to you to be violated?
Feel into any contraction of that.
Essentially the Universe is always moving through you, and you can't stop that. I'd say this is a mirror of that truth. It's about allowing everything to flow.
But if there's contraction around that, you still have to feel into the pain of it, to eventually expand out the other side.

There with you

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