Hi Armi,

This exploration also helped me to put some pieces of puzzle inside of myself as well. I believe we all are being violated to varying degrees every single moment. What does it mean to have someones thoughts and ideas inside your head all the time. For me it feels like I don't have any space for mine to come through. I cant recognize what is mine what is theirs. Tough as it is it also provides enormous opportunity as you recognize. Am i violating any boundaries by coming here with my thoughts and ideas? I'm not sure. But I know that the true feelings is of yearning to connect more and maybe help each other in the process. So maybe the matrix inside me ultimately also wants to connect. Its just its getting distorted with an unseen agenda. When I see the truth and see myself in them I feel compassion for the other being and hence can let go of that part which was holding me on to it. 

Vimal <3