I’ve not long woken up from a dream about being back at a Primal Integration (PI) group. PI is the main form of personal growth work that I’ve been doing since 2003, & is what catalysed/introduced me to spiritual development. PI is very like Primal Therapy, but is also open to spirituality & spiritual exploration.

In the dream there was also a link to Glastonbury, which is why I’m writing about this here. I was walking across Glastonbury Tor to get to the group. There were lots of other people on the Tor. 

I’m wondering what this dream is telling me. I’ve been allowing myself to sink more deeply into my emotional pain in recent days, using the Openhand model of allowing my pain rather than resisting, avoiding or distracting myself from it, in order to unravel & unwind it. I’m still not able to "dive fully" into my pain, which has been suggested to me by Open & by others in the past, but that doesn't seem to work for me because my psychological defences (against experiencing the full force of my deepest pain & trauma) are too strong & need to be dismantled slowly & carefully.

I know that I'm preparing myself for the Paradigm Shift Intensive in Brighton starting in 9 days time, & that this dream is part of that preparation or anticipation.  I will mull over it some more & perhaps post again later.