It’s been nearly a month since I attended the Paradigm Shift 2 day intensive in Brighton. It’s had a profound impact on me & has stirred up a lot of issues. I’ve had some physical reactions subsequently, which have been part of the outworking, part of the processing & integration of the intensive, which have been unpleasant but which I’m trying to understand & accept.

I developed an eye condition called Posterior Vitreous Detachment (PVD) in my left eye 9 days after the intensive finished, which initially caused reduced vision in that eye & therefore an imbalance of vision between my 2 eyes. I have since found out that PVD is a natural part of the ageing process (I am 54 years old) & my eyesight is now returning to normal as my brain adjusts to the new physical configuration in my left eye.

In the last week or so I have also come down with a moderate cold, sore throat & chesty cough, which at first wasn’t too bad but has recently worsened & I’m having to take time off from work. In general I have good physical health & a strong immune system, so when I get a heavy cold I know that my body is telling me to rest, that it needs time to clear something out, usually of a deeper, emotional, psychological or spiritual nature.

I believe that I have been processing a lot of karma from World War Two since the Paradigm Shift intensive, & I will write about that some more in a subsequent post.