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Hey Alex,

I felt to drop a line here, I was actually drawn to share with you in response to your post by the felt images of connection we had dancing at the Brighton intensive and then Open mentioned about Aphroheidi dancing freely at the NY retreat and I thought great sign/synch, thats exactly how I felt you moving with 'your stuff': moving through, creating spaciousness, breaking through the resistance little by little. The physical symptoms after the intensive are the by-product (medals) of the great work you did there! I honestly feel that you were awesome!

I find the wisdom of body consciousness to be immense. For me, its the foundation of the inner work we do and at the same time, the paradox is that it calls for its freedom too: to go beyond it, beyond the physical. By being fully in it! Thats how it feels to me. Like you, I have over the years had karma moving through the physical (intense flu symptoms, sacrum pain, heart ache, shore throat and more recently a VERY active kundalini that brings interesting invitations!). It seeks to flow through and free itself, so the invitation is to allow it, to let it be. Ultimately, ALL seeks resolution, freedom.

And on a final note, I find myself when i am processing to get overwhelmed by things. Now, for me, its a sign that my wisdom says 'look inside', thats where the answers are! Trust yourself. So, to me, its not something to override or judge but a friendly feeling/sense that what serves me right now is to drop into the unfolding of my own, unique experience (no matter how unpleasant it is) and trust in that. That's where the truth is.

Sending you love and SO MUCH looking forwards to dancing with your amazing body wisdom. xx