Hi Alex,

I would say there's something else to consider that we also apply in the Openhand processes, that you've been a part of - and that is balance. When I'm working with people, I'm working with a sense of how deep it is right to go at that particular time, considering people will have plenty of karma to process and it can't all be done in one go. For many people karma will be a lifetimes journey, with plenty of processing and breakthroughs along the way. You can't climb the mountain in one leap!

That's why we'll take people into their stuff, yes, but then bring them through the other side and in equal measure feel the lightness and mainstream connection of soul.

If you go into something as deep as hatred, it's essential to be the witnesser of it too - so you're present with it, not projecting it outwards. "Softening in" doesn't mean jumping in! It means going to the edge of the comfort zone you feel, and then easing yourself into the first layers of discomfort, then working with that. When you perceive you're at your limit, then it's time to work by connecting with mainstream of soul, and releasing endorphins for example.

I suggest to refresh this article...
The Uplifting Effect of Endorphins...and 8 ways to generate them

It might also help to reflect the love your'e receiving here and from the people who worked with you.

In loving support

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