Hi Alex, I feel your pain. You know that one of the best things that has happen to me was the introduction to Openhand. This will sound like it's about me but I hope it is about you as well and others here and out there. After the last month travelling across Canada, twice, I developed stomach problems and really bad. I told myself that I knew it would happen and I would deal with it when I get back home. By the way I figured it out, that home is were I am and that everything I need is at home. 

Man did I hated, not being understood or accepted. Not for what I was doing but for my beliefs. dealing with the pain and trying to project my beliefs was just a different kind of pain. Like you being at the edge of the clearing and being pulled back in to all that is wrong.

One of the thing I did notice through the trip was that when I looked at the pain I was going through and still am, that there was peace and beauty in there too. The closer  I got to the place I live the worst the pain got. 

You know Alex being away from Openhand, that place where I felt understood was missing for a time. It was still with me even without the web.

Alex what gets my back up against the wall is family. For some reason all the other things going on or has gone on, does not. what happens to the people, animals, the planet at the hands of humans does make me sad. But I try to stop at that feeling. Being aware of the sadness with non-attachment. I know that if I attach to the sadness I can easily turn it into hatred.  

You are a warrior like all that are here sharing their experiences

I thank you with all my being.

Much love 

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