Good that the approach is helping Alex. Praying Emoji

When you wish to get back into this particular inquiry, work to contemplate what's the core truth within the expression of hatred? Because every distortion is a distortion of truth, and if we can align with the truth, things will ease, there's no need to self-judge, and the distortion can fall away more readily.

Contemplate the nature of repulsion within the bigger picture - what value might that have?

Consider two molecules that you force together under great pressure. If you push them hard enough, then you get nuclear fusion and a huge release of energy (more so that nuclear fission). I'd say it demonstrates how the universe is working to define itself within the manifest.

I'd say it is the same with souls. For there to be relativity at all, each soul works to define itself as something different from another - something that is sovereign.

Now contemplate a situation like the one you were - war time, where there was perhaps systematic atrocity by a group of people controlling society (like the Third Reich?). Suppose the person feels they must acquiesce and yet there's bubbling tension and rage because of the suppression - through the idea that it is too dangerous to say or do anything.

If one had this kind of karma, it could easily manifest as rage.

The question is, can you work to be sovereign and defined, expressive in your own vibe - connected, and yet clear of your boundaries. It could feel like attraction and repulsion at times. But in being self expressive, maybe then the rage can fall away - after you've let it out. But also remember, you're aiming for the karma underneath - which might only begin as a sublte vibration. So it would be important to sit with it and feel it.

I would suggest the support of a facilitator if you need one.

Let me know and I could recommend.

Wishing you well

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