A little late on this thread. But I believe I'm on the same boat here. Not sure if I have poverty conciousness. In regards to money when I spend too much I later feel guilty about it that I couldn't stand up to my authentic feeling. Or else I wouldn't spend at all. Either way it helps me to harbour under the illusion of having enough. I think I a way I'm running from the real fear. But the pain of not being able to spend atl all is greater than the pain of not having enough. I think the way forwards is to shatter the illusion by spending freely and feel the guilt or whatever feeling emerges and explore into it. Where did that come from. I know my mother despite having enough feel a sense of lack. There is also a fear that if I run out of money then it wouldn't naturally force me to work in the matrix which I don't really enjoy. The real question I like to ask myself is that how can I live in abundance in this situation despite having the fear?