A little late on this thread as well. :) I am one of those who currently has a deep matrix type of job in the business world.  It is challenging and dense but I do know it is my Path right now based on how my personality operates.  Open, the 4d Karma article you highlighted today spiked multiple times on my drive home, with my attention drawn to signs like “4D Intertravel” and “4 Booooo” among several others that popped up.

It’s been very dense for me lately in my career and in life having accepted a new role that I manifested with increased responsibility for myself and for my coworkers who are now reporting to me. But the “busy-ness” of business itself is killing me.

 The issue yearning to be seen through today definitely feels karmic and I can trace it to my early childhood but not yet deeper than that. It spiked when I was leading a team meeting today and completely lost my train of thought. It felt like grasping for a ladder and knowing it was there, but just flailing around in dark smoke empty handed. I sat in the discomfort and let the awkward silence reign for a few moments (felt like an eternity to me) and STILL could not find the thread. Felt everyone around me contracting as well. Acknowledged “annnnd... I’ve totally lost my train of thought” and grinned and attempted to move on, but my trust in myself was shaken and I fumbled through the next items on the agenda, relieved when it was another coworker’s turn to speak. The thought I wanted to share itself was totally gone and I couldn’t remember it for the life of me for the next several minutes. Finally i suddenly remembered what I meant to share and blurted out, “hey guys I just remembered what I meant to share 10 minutes ago if anyone’s still interested” - felt good humorous supporting energy from the group —— and when I opened my mouth to speak, the thought completely vanished AGAIN and I’m left openmouthed in embarrassed confusion.

5 seconds later it came through and I shared with my peers,  and I laughed it off, while feeling myself reeling internally.

This wasn’t the first time I’ve gone completely blank and lost the capacity to communicate.  In fact it has lurked in the background for most of my incarnation. 

I regressed into the experience at the end of the day and the primary tension was in my third eye. Also sacrum. I felt into my senses in as much detail as possible and watched myself from multiple vantage points including from other people’s and saw a dark spiral in my minds eye coming out of my forehead.  Externally the scene did not appear as bad as I was making it out to be.  Interestingly my throat was pretty clear of tension.

But I am feeling immense anger at my blindness and when I express that energy, it vibrates and shakes through my third eye like a hydraulic pump.

I am so fed up with operating in the dark. 

Will definitely be tuning in with everyone in NY this weekend!