Hi Anastasia, I'm with you and understand the entirely natural process you're going through - yet it can be extremely challenging, yes. Let's explore...

You said this, which is very illuminating about being on stage...

This time, however, there were three sets of consciousness present on stage. The character, Me running the character, and yet another 'observing' consciousness, just sitting behind the scenes, watching the whole thing.

The 'Observer' however, didn't really care about those things, and could (if it wanted to) just walk off stage at any point and not care less if the whole show just fell apart. Fortunately for Me though, the Observer was respectful of the 'job'

Okay, this might be a bit of a head spin to begin with, but the "me" you think you are is not "you" at all. It sounds very much to me as if the "me" running the character is your soul. Now when you step beyond the identity of ego, then a shadow of the ego will still likely be there and attach identity to the soul itself - you think the soul is a being, your being, but it is not. It is merely a stream of consciousness.

The real you, in this experience, is that 'observing consciousness'. Now when you first start consciously touching this place it can be pretty freaky and scary, because it feels as if 'no one is here'. You've gone beyond separated identity into the Pure Presence - which is really 'who' you are, except it doesn't feel like a 'who'. It just is.

The ego doesn't like this lack of certainty, this lack of fixed place identity and will likely resist in the beginning, and even fight against it, which is why it can feel like a death. And no, the Observer - the presence  - in you, does not care at all about the outcome: on stage in front of 500 people? It doesn't matter a jot!

And yes, it will become increasingly hard to 'act' a part which is not natural. Because as presence emerges through you, authenticity (through the soul) begins to increase dramtically. You find you can't do anything that isn't you.

So how to proceed in these circumstances?

Surrender is the key. Your life will become infinittely better and more aligned than imagineable - even if that means crossing some uncomfortable boundaries.

Will you be able to function in this degree of openness? It's a question the ego often struggles with until you break that aspect down through continual surrender.

What I can say is this: the strong likelihood is (in feeling your resonance and where you're at consciously), that you've been expressing from soul all along within your acting. And so this will likely continue. But to harmonise the experience will likely need some change of perception in how you function.

The 'characters' that you've played (successfully and comfortably), will likely each resonate a different ray aspect of your soul. Some may not. So you may find that some roles become increasingly successful, whilst others become increasingly difficult and less effective (see the soul's purpose and the 7 rays)

Finally you said...

I'm filled with so much emotional anxiety as I write this, because tomorrow I'm going back to the exact same place to do the exact same performance that I described above. And there is this great fear, that what if a 'glitch' happens, or what if I can't 'control' this other consciousness and it decides to do something weird.

Work not to worry. If you allow it, rightness will happen and ultimately, it will become a better experience than you could have imagined. I'd say you're going to have to confront and breakthrough some karma in the process, that which is limiting right now - but you can do it, because you're on the verge of doing it. Just let the circumstances push you a degree.

I'd say here's the karma...

The fear centers primarily around the other people involved in this project. I think I would actually be ok if something weird happened for myself, but I know how much this job means to everyone else, and how much they trust me and depend on me doing what I'm being paid to do.

There's a great quote from Shakepeare... "Be true to yourself, thou canst not then be false to any man". You're in a drama right now, a great one, and all the other actors are a part of that. It is called.... "can you be who you really are?" In their higher selves, they are all willing you on to be you, no matter what the physical outcome.

And everyone was also drawn to this experience for greater illumination. Even if they don't realise that as the lower self level. Yet you choosing to be more of you, encourages them to be more of them, and that's the greatest gift you can give to anyone.

You can do this. Have courage. You can perform, but there will need to be an internal shift - work into the fear of the outcome it will mean for others - they chose exactly this situation too. As you open out through that karmic fear, the presence of the Observer will come increasingly through you. And that's when the real magic happens.

I would say some of the very best actors and performers touch this place of presence without even knowing they are. That's when a 'performance' becomes electric.

Wishing you well in the experience

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