Thank you Anastasia. :) Thank you Open. 

You both really opened up my inquiry and I’m super grateful to you both. Anastasia - the way you framed the three identies within your acting performance is EXACTLY how I experience it.

And Open - when I read your highlighted karmic issue “I know how much this job means to everyone else, and how much they trust me and depend on me doing what I'm being paid to do” the recognition ripped at my heart and helped confirm my own pathway forward.

The synchronicity I received immediately after blew my mind - I was getting ready for work in the bathroom, and my son was watching Thomas the Tank Engine as I got ready. My attention suddenly spiked at last sentence: “We’re not in Sodor anymore.” and the episode ended. Right after that my attention was drawn to an end table with a partially covered children’s book - the phrase that peeked out at me??? “Actor’s Script.” If that wasn’t enough, right after that a Dora the Explorer came on and the entire episode was about a puppet show performance where the live talking puppets were tied up in their strings and the puppeteers above didn’t know what to do, and it was OUR role (as the interactive viewer of the TV screen) to shake shake shake our hands and “untangle the puppets.”