Wow, thanks you guys!

 I feel so much support from you, I’m really softening inside. It just can’t go ‘wrong’ when so many synchronicities like this happen, and when there is so much benevolence finding multiple ways to push its way through to us.

Paul, thanks for sharing your synchronicities and making me laugh. 


Aphroheidi, thank you for sharing your story and especially your writing. A metamorphosis of reality indeed. I will use my tools and remember how to fly. 


Open, thank you for helping me understand what’s happening. As I go into performance tomorrow, I feel quite confident everything will be just fine. In fact, I feel excited at the opportunity of a deeper exploration. If the ‘Me’ we talked about is not really me, but just a shadow identity, I have no problems releasing it and settling into my new experience of ‘observing’ consciousness. It simplifies things a lot. It also dawned on me, that if the ‘Observer’ doesn’t care at all about the outcome of the performance, then the Observer also has absolutely no interest in ‘ruining’ the show or causing  any other kind of ‘trouble’, for me or anybody else involved. So, I rest assured there is no conflict between my soul’s emergence and me doing my job. As you said, there is clearly a karmic issue here, and I will of course have to deal with that as it comes up, but again it doesn’t have to interfere with me doing my job, unless there is a deeper reason for it. 

Change in perception 

A great big hug to all of you ❤️.

I’ll let you know how it goes.