Hello all, 

I'm new to this forum, trying to find answers to my completely halted life. 

I do feel like I have a poverty consciousness but it is much better than what my parents have. They're so well off still they cannot spend a penny on something that is useful. I mean they were spending their days in 45° hot weather without a cooler or an AC. And scolded me when I asked to buy one. 

I have been feeling like a guest in my house since my childhood. I always felt like my parents are doing a big favor to me by taking care of me and I have to pay it all back. They are rich but even then I used to wear old clothes and spend minimum. My friends didn't know I'm rich until I told them. I got married against their wishes (husband is not rich)and they broke all ties to me. I feel so bad about it because I always thought about them my whole life and now I got nothing in return. Not even respect. They moulded me according to them now I cannot even function in the society.

I'm unemployed since 2 years. I am a post graduate dentist and a highly talented person still cannot land a job. I have struggled so much but got zero response so I stopped doing it. I learned other therapies in order to earn a living but even then nothing is working out. My husband also lost his job because of the drama my parents did. Now both of us live in a cocoon. We cannot face anyone. We have applied for immigrating to another country but we've been waiting for 8 months now without any news. Other people get theirs in 6 months. Don't know why they chose our file to ignore. 

Whenever someone offers help I feel so indebted to them. Like everybody is doing me favors but I'm not able to return them. Life seems like an endless debt. 

When I go to someone for any kind of help, be it spiritual, astrological, psychic etc, they rip me off. People are sitting to scavenge money off your problems. This is so horrible. 

I don't know what to do anymore. All those energy therapies are also not helping. 

Tired of sitting in a cocoon.