Hi Open, 

I'm so glad that my simple comment inspired you to write an entire article. I feel I'm taking baby steps through these but still I could resonate with most of what you shared. It also helped me to have an overview of what I was already dealing with

Like you say in the article, I feel this sexual urges towards someone who is reciprocating. But the situations are not at all favourable. I openly and honestly shared with her which revealed a lot of attachment she was holding onto which stems from a lack of acceptance of her situations. It also showed me some expectation because of a lack of trust in the divine. I guess the relation transformed from something merely sexual to something more meaningful, divine. Though I would have liked the emotions to stay. I guess this is what you mean by bringing the energy back into oneself. 

I have also experienced in the past intimacy towards others who Im sure where not reciprocating. I don't understand how it can be a breaching of one's privacy and soveigrenity. But one time, this particular girl surprisingly unintentionally moved away from my landscape. And I felt I may have violated some boundaries but within my mind.

Much love ❤️