Hi Vimal - I'd say the exploration of sacred sexuality is one of the leading ways in which we can develop spiritually - it brings up many distortions that invite internal alignment and really teaches one the application of tantra in life: being in the physical, but not of it or attached to it.

In sexual union, or even when contemplating the potential of it with another, energy fields can begin to be connected. That's why I felt it important to express the be careful about invading someone else's field where the feelings are not reciprocated. Essentially you probably wouldn't want that to happen to you - energies cam get entwined in your field if your not being careful to continually cleanse your field and align it with your own vibration - being fully sovereign. Ultimately it's our own responsibility to be that, but where someone isn't fully conscious and integrated in this way, it just risks imposing on their field. Maybe that's why you experienced the synchronicity of her moving away.

Wishing you well

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