I feel like this an important subject of sacred sexual energy being discussed here.  Thank you for opening to that.  At the same time I know this to be sensitive and taboo area even to the evolving souls because there is so much distortions/karma around it accumulated in this lifetime, stretching to other lifetimes and beyond.

For me, this is also an important subject for exploration and growth as it is challenging and offering opportunity for evolution.  I started exploring sexuality from my early childhood and for obvious reasons that created a lot of distortions around it which fear, guild, shame effecting other aspects of life including OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) which is still subtly effecting my life but to much lesser degree.  For example, I am still having those night visitations (unconscious release) but with less frequency and effect.

I feel like bringing alignment to the expression of sexuality (sensuality) is one of my main lessons in this life.  By bringing the alignment in my own field, the effect can have a ripple effect in the surrounding field as well which is great and needed at this time.

With Love,