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Hi Vimal,

It's great that you're having the deep and continued exploration Thumbs Up Sign

A few strong alarm bells are ringing though, which I felt to reflect. Firstly, in many of your posts, it seems to me that you tend to refer and involve your inquiries with your parents a fair deal - is that right? Yet at the same time, you also express how they don't necessarily support your spiritual journey or inquiries - is that right? If that's the case, I feel to ask... why do you feel the need to consult with them and involve them so much? (as it seems to me you may be doing).

I do understand there's strong cultural connections in your environment, but I do get the sense you're potentially involving them too much in a journey which they're not probably able to fully get, understand or fully empathise with. 

The second alarm bell is allowing others in the family group to then recommend you see a psychiatrist - for what purpose? Because you disagree with their version of reality, because you follow a unique path? My experience of the 'system' is that it can be quite dangerous to those on the spiritual path - there's frequently little or no recognition of soul, and so practices often tend to try to reconfigure the mind, which can be limited, conditioning and dangerous - and yes, often prescription medication is recommended in a lot of cases where people don't conform.

I feel a strong sense to urge you to take more sovereignty with your journey - especially where your family is concerned.
And to set more positive boundaries in terms of who you let into your process - the risk being to take you down pathways that really don't serve your soul.

Wishing you well

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