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Open, I think you have misunderstood some of the things I said. But you maybe right I allow them into my field. I wonder if its a need for approval? . Ofcourse I understand its my unique journey and none of family can relate with it. I don't talk with them about spirituality at all. But in this particular case if it allowed me to confront with a tightness I had in my heart. How is it necessarily giving away my sovereignity. It maybe diplomacy. Maybe there was a risk on elaborating my 'story' here. I said it as something funny which doesn't affect me at all. I can say No anytime, the power lies within me. I just thought it would be fun! Didnt you we the smiley at the end?! 😁
Yes most of my exploration are where my family are involved. That is because I live and love amongst them and I'm confronting a lot of childhood conditioning. So how would it be positive not to involve them? . I feel that I'm continuity exploring and creating firm boundaries with them and have plenty of space. And I don't consult with them at all! But you maybe right I maybe pulling them in in order for more connection.