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Open, it's very synchronistic that you put the commentnow because I was going to reply something along the same theme. Which is
Now that I have gone through the pain a fair deal, in retrospect I see how all of this is perfectly configured by the flow to reveal the various attachments. It's beautiful. It means we can never be wrong. So trust in the flow is essential. Open if I'm not invading on your privacy could I ask out of curiosity, can you read where the flow is heading beforehand? Like in this case for instance. What can you possibly learn from these simple conversations.?
I'm amazed by the timing of the flow.

I still think you may have misunderstood somethings I have written and it's probably because I eloborated a single day's story without what was leading upto it. But you were also right on this concern about what my family thinks specially in my sexuality and to whom I'm engaging with. The smoke has been lifted, I can see a bit more clearly. I will be more aware within family interaction where I'mosing my soveigrenity.

I was a bit doubtful of inviting you into my stuff but apparently not. Though I don't understand what you mean by two sides of the same coin

Thankyou 🙏