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Can I read the flow beforehand? No. Not exactly. But I am 100% committed to being in the flow in this moment, all the time. I don't let ANYTHING stop me. Because I've journied enough to know that everything else is illusion. Wherever there is any tightness, that is ignored, it leads to living in the illusion and I can't see the point of that - except as a means to discover there is no point to it!

I don't think about what I write, nor do I use logic to ask the questions I do. They come out of the ether and I recognise them as the inquiry of the moment - what's being invited to be explored. When you do this, you align with the magic and mystery that is connecting around us and clicking in around us. You and I - plus others - have ALREADY aligned this inquiry 'in the heavens'. Now lower mind is simply catching up - that's why it may look like one is reading the future. What you're actually reading is 'future-landing-now', in this moment, without any time delay or warping of lower mind and distortion (or relatively little at least).

That tends to be how it works for me.