I'm going through a lot internally recently in the last two weeks( awake regularly at 230 am etc.)  . I have shared earlier that I have been feeling deeply into my hips recently . I couldn't ''see" them earlier ,but several session using deep stretch and crying and feeling into them later ,I am able to identify that there is still some density in the ball of the hip joint . I can see it very clearly and now attempt to connect with that ball of very densely tight energy .I was mulling over the fact that so many women have fractures in that area in old age and how that is perhaps the only way to release the crystallized energy in that bone  A friend called just the next day asking for advice about her mother who had an accident and broke her hip .

I am attempting to harness the Kundalini energy as you describe. I think a great deal of fear and repression often derail my efforts ,but recently while self pleasuring I tried to bring the energy back as you put it. The surge of energy that went from my base to my heart chakra was off the charts . For the whole next day I was zinging. And the next day suddenly rediscovered my copy of Magdalene manuscript the sex magic of Isis by Tom Kenyon . 

In the last week I am pushed into some deep density . I am feeling very disconnected and foggy and overwhelmed. So much stuff seems to have come up. I have to let go of the farm I was harvesting organic produce from  in March- it wasn't feeling aligned for a while . Maybe it signifies other avenues to grow in inside and out . I have restarted my dance class as vigorous dance helps to ground the energies so much better ( and plus I love to dance !) 

Just feels like I'm walking n the middle of what I like to think of as growth spurt complete with growing pains and all . 

Insights welcome ! Thank you all in advance !