Hi Megha - good that you're getting into that level of density. Great work Thumbs Up Sign

My sense is that what you're encountering is a widespread issue for women in general. And it's to do with the way Homo Sapiens was engineered. The intervention experimented with a progressive range of genetic hybridisations. It was very much experimental, and in my knowing, countless times 'mistakes' happened. I believe it was more a case of learning by mistakes. So many women who were abducted into the program suffered greatly around child birth. Clearly, when you witness the challenges of birthing today, although you could say the intervention was 'successful' to some degree, nevertheless there are still many challenges related to child birth.

I would say the majority of women on the planet today, are carrying that karma. And it manifests in the kinds of ways you describe - problems with the hips, lower abdomen, uterus, overies etc etc. It's not at all easy I know, but neverthless it can be worked through. There are many tremendous womens groups the world over who're getting into that karma right now, often without necessarily knowing the cause, yet effectively dealing with the trauma anyway.

An Openhander in Budapest called Réka, I know is working with hundreds of women around the whole karmic challenge of child birth.

It's definitely something to work through.

In loving support

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