28/10/20 Daily Journal Update: Thanks everyone for tuning in to yesterdays sharing on the wonderful Twin Flame dynamic. It's such an important aspect of your soul's journey to discover this phenomenon, and being clear that's it's union with an unrealised aspect of yourself. Here's a link to the main article for those who missed it, including some highly colourful personal sharings...

Twin Flames and Soul Mates: Understanding Their True Nature

I felt to deepen the inquiry today by looking at the related topic of "Tantra". Although this is often seen in the spiritual mainstream as a sexual phenomenon, that's actually far from the truth. Yes, it can be practised and experienced in sexual union, but tantra itself is a much wider dance with the universe.

Essentially tantra is about transcendence and union with the divine. You're being intimate with the outer world - sensual in many ways. Yet you're staying connected with the centredness of the divine source within. Crucially, whatever awareness is directed outwards into reflections around you, it is consciously cycled back inwards to inner completiion.

It's actually a great meditation to practice. Look up into the sky for example, at a sunrise or sunset, or birds floating across the heavens. Marvel at the landscape, enjoy the beauty of it, but stay connected within and bring the energy back inside.

I recall being out on the island of La Palma during an Openhand retreat, looking across the sky on the central volcano, with the light shimmering across the clouds. I could feel myself melting into the landscape, flying through it, as some mystical air dragon! And at the same time, I was working to embody the energy of the scenery and experience. It felt like I'd become the landscape, BUT, myself in it too. It was not long after that these pair of magical ravens came to greet me. It was for sure a magical Twin Flame experience.

So today I would encourage all of you to take some time out, read the lead article above, and then get a sense of the practice of tantra. See how it works for you. And then do share here your experiences - it helps activate consciousness no end. Here's the lead article...

Containing Sexual Kundalini through Tantra, To then Manifest Creatively


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