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I'm not has eloquent with words as yourself Open but would like to try to describe what I percieve as the same thing but from a different perspective or experience.

Void experience No1 - I was relaxing on the couch at home and partially awoke ? to lucid dreaming? I had found the location of the "void". 

My visual void - Imagine if you took a black sheet of paper, laid a ruler upon it and then sprayed cosmic silver.  Lift the ruler from the black sheet and you are left with the void inbetween the stars.

I repeatedly entered and exited that void (nothingness) just on the ruler line or rather the line between entry and exit and experienced orgasmic energy only on the EXIT? (x10)  

**My perception is that it is an hairs breath in experience (crossing that very thin line), sort of 'symbiotic' or that the brainwave state (nothingness) to achieve the experience of orgasmic energy or a bliss state (different feeling) is prerequisite to it **  

**This is taken from my diary entry at the time and i'm not even sure what that means anymore!!!

Void experience No 2 (2 yrs later) - Awoke feeling extremly relaxed and felt stirrings of energy which exploded somewhere within my lower stomach.  In my mind i was floating in darkness.  I asked where i was and the answer was " your at the void to which i said "again?"

After this little conversatiin with myself I continued to be able to have multiple orgasm by regaining that previous level of relaxation (in a split second).  I was able to move conciously slightly 'out' where thought and my mind was questioning and then back again where the void and energy (orgasm) resided.  In and out I joyfully went.

Osho - "The centre is only one step inwards. The centre is the core of your consciousness and totally silent. When one reaches to the centre there is an explosion of light. When one reaches to the centre you experience the ultimate orgasm with existence. Your body vibrates with the whole. The silence is intoxicating. You feel yourself drowning into the silence. 

On each of these 'void' experiences i was a bit concerned as to why I should be AT or indeed visualising the 'void'.  This, thus far has been an unanswered question.  I really did not understand my experiences.

As a direct result of engaging with this enquiry that Open has initiated today,  I have come across this;

๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸVoid or core of creation๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ
I found this text in relation to some research i was doing on corvids.  I seem to have a connection with either Crows or Ravens and what do ya know as i came to post I saw the absolutely wonderful photo of Open with the Ravens.

This is indeed an ahhh moment ๐Ÿ˜