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Fascinating void inquiry Leela - tremendous!

The challenge of the Void, and doing anything that intentionally goes for it, is that when you hit it, there's often an expectation that something will be experienced - of the Void. Osho described 'orgasmic light', which is actually not the void itself, but what emerged (for him) from it.

Earlier in this journey I experienced a period of popping in and out of the Void. I realised that as I popped in, there was a sense of "Wow", that's awesome. Then a question, "how can I be in this the whole time?" The question would take me out! So I switched to something different. Instead I focussed on what was the emergent light at that time. Which of course is the flow (of the soul) itself, and in what ever guise that now wants to express in. I looked for, and centred in, what that thread was. Usually it was some flow of synchronicity. Now what happened was amazing. It was like a bubble burst and a sense of clarity emerged in the background of the experience. Like a complete transparency from which the experience was happening. I realised the experience of the Void was there in the background all the time.

A little further on, after it had remained a while, I asked the question, "what is being aware of the presence (of the Void)?" It became clear that there was a layer of consciousness very close to the source (the Void) that wasn't efforting to be connected to the source but naturally was. By resting in this layer it became like a lens looking into the Void. So there was a tangible experience of the Void - the paradox being is that you cannot experience the Void itself. But this layer close to the Void, around the Void is as close as you can get experientially, and it can hold the Void in the background of experience.

The Void disappears when you "look directly into it" because of a number of reasons: (1) it's so magnificent you want to be there the whole time (so you own it and it disappears!) (2) or there's fear of complete dissociation of oneself (a subtle layer of ego) and so again the Void disappears due to fear. It's only where you come to complete equanimity with it, that it stays and there's awareness of it in the background.

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