Recently a panel of 1200 scientists have gathered together to express alarm at the continuation of global greenhouse gas emissions and the impact this is continuing to have on global warming. Here's a video that expresses quite elloquently one of the major problems - the meat and diary industry and how emissions could be reduced vastly by reducing meat and dairy consumption.

But what I ask you to consider as you watch, is the incredible level of destruction going on across the planet on a daily basis. How it is systematic. "Normal". And that really, humanity has only begun to tinker around with the problem. The Openhand Philosophy on it is that it's ALREADY beyond humanity's capability to turn back - Gaia is just going to do what she's going to do.

That's not to say we shouldn't be compassionate and caring - of course that's the encouragement, because it brings us into rightness with Gaia, the flow, and the Shift into higher consciousness.

In this video, stay tuned right to the end to the well meaning by very constrained politician. Do they really have a clue as to the magnitude of what is now surely unfolding? What are your thoughts?