I think you might know the Openhand Approach to climate change by now - to confront the truth of what's really going on. To go beyond the veils of what we'd like to see, are afraid of will happen, or rosy illusions of "what healing the Earth" is all about. Just another iteration of the status quo, a more envoirnmentally friendly 'system' will not wash. We need to let go and surrender to the natural organising energy of Gaia herself. It's going to happen with or without humanity on board. But it will be a whole lot easier the more people surrender to what wants to now unfold.

Here are some of the latest climate change headlines (from real news!):

Massive flash floods hit Mallorca, 5 months' worth of rain in 2 hours, Spain
Michael is extremely dangerous hurricane, likely the strongest to ever hit Florida Panhandle
Extreme rainfall, unprecedented flash floods wreak havoc in northern Iran
Deadly flash floods turn streets of southern Italy into raging rivers
Major early-season snowstorm shatters Calgary's snow, temperature records, Canada
Over 1 000 vehicles stranded after sudden snow and blizzard hit southwest China's Sichuan Province
6 months' worth of rain in 3 hours, unprecedented rain floods Dubrovnik, Croatia
Worst grain harvest in 35 years due to unseasonable weather, Denmark
Brutal hail bombardment and accumulation in Liguria, Italy
September 2018 Australia's driest September on record

Let's stay awake and aware folks.
Be with the flow, and the flow will be with you.

In loving support

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