In the last week I am feeling waves of energy moving from my heart chakra to my skull . Also something seems to be opening up on the top of my head . I am also feeling intermittently like my  uterus is full of warm light . Staying present with such strong movements of energy is proving very challenging. When I meditate even for a few minutes I shake very violently. I am doing my usual yoga ,journalling and deep breathing ground this energy influx for now though I intermittently go into numbing strategies as well. During yoga I tend to cry deeply. 

On the outside my third dimensional life is very good. I have only when patient who interestingly has seizures recalcitrant to all medications. I have since the last three days started her on diet treatment. Never ever seen such a patient and I am finding the nerve to give the family some hope. This baby's mom has the same name as me so she is called Baby of Megha  . The Universe is trying tell me something I think .

I am not sure what has triggered these energy influxes. From tomorrow I am planning to do a cleanse as well . . I would be grateful for any insights . 


Thank you !