Hi Megha - we're right there with you. Praying Emoji

Sounds like the movement of Kundalini, flowing strongly and then hitting internal blockages which can cause a fair degree of pain, like a fuse system needing to expand.

This that you said is key...

Staying present with such strong movements of energy is proving very challenging. When I meditate even for a few minutes I shake very violently. I am doing my usual yoga

We need to keep adapting, keep innovating the practice - not getting stuck in a partcular practice. So what about meditating in movement? Put some music on and move the body, integrate fully through the body. Dance and move to flexibility and openness - the crown chakra, moving beyond rigid patterns into free flowing spontaneity.

The baby Megha synchronicity? I'd say new Megha wants to be born in you!

I'm at a favourite coffee shop in town reading this, and what's just come on in the background is this... "Move to the Music".
I know not everyone particularly likes Madonna, but to me, she's always challenged stereotypes, taboo and rigidity..."Let your body go with the flow"..