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Megha, I would like to share my experience with you because it is so synchronistic. And I totally resonate!

The movement of 'kundalini' has been quite strong (violent also) for me for...well, over a year now! And indeed, I found out that it needs to be approached (not controlled) in a variety of ways so as to allow 'her' to move. It/she shifts and moves and 'breaks through'!  I like personalising the energy at times, just for fun. So, 'She' is my inner divine snake - I love all snakes :)

Yesterday, I was meditating (seated) with the sound of some extraordinary music. My awareness embraced the sound of the music, 'her' energetic movements, the physicality of the experience and the breath, which at times would go deeper without me controlling it. Even the breath will/can move in various ways! Well, the inner snake started moving WITH the sound of the music. And I/my attention (awareness) was in it fully. I could feel emotional energies arising too, like love and sexual energies. It was remarkable to feel how 'she' is a 'creature' of movement, like water. And I kept surrendering to how the energy showed me the way to go deeper into inner discoveries and outer creations!

When the energy moves violently, awareness can embrace and accept and can find stillness in the movement. Feeling it from the inside.

While in movement (dance, yoga etc), i tend to pay attention deeply to how the energy moves and accompany it with breath. 'She' does show me as I keep listening and surrendering, how 'she' wants to move. All sorts of 'stuff' (emotional etc) can come up to the surface.

Massage helps a lot too. And being in Nature.

The energy is really transformative on many levels. For me, it invites a deep Trust in 'her' unfolding.

Sending loving energy <3