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I'm so with you Marye . I don't perceive these movements as painful in the classical meaning of the term. But I do tend to find them very uncomfortable as the energy seems to bounce all around my body . I am trying to just allow myself to feel all this - go into deep surrender and then it seems to settle for a bit . 

Aspasia ,I am also feeling deeply sexual and loving energies thrumming through me at sometimes very inopportune times :) . Recently I felt wave after wave of pleasure from my base to my heart . I confess I was about get very attached to that very pleasant energy when the energy hurricane broke . :) 

I am very interested to read Opens response to your query ,Marye . As far as my energetic blocks are concerned ,what do you think would be a good way to actually work with them ? I try and soften into them but it only works occasionally .

Lots of love to all of you on this extremely unique journey !