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Where to begin?!

Marye I'm not surprised that having something "as simple as a foot nassage" would spark things off. Let's be clear, you can go merriily along outside of the flow for some time and apparently everything works okay, that is until you keel over for some various reason. When you start to open up, basically you're starting to engage with the infusion of soul - because you're now conscious of the soul, you become conscious of where it starts to infuse.

So when you massage the souls of the feet, you're massaging the reflexology points to all the internal organs. And so I imagine you were bringing consciousness into them. Hence the impact - you're starting to be conscious in them for the first time. You could probably do it again yourself, then notice which points spark internally. Then by checking a chart, you'd know which organs you're infusing consciousness into.

This brings me to a general point, which I'm reticent generally about sharing, because of in the past how people have taken it, or then not fully applied it. But here goes: I would say that ALL physical illness comes from imbalances in the way the soul is, or is not, infusing. You could go to a doctor for some ailment, but I've seldom come across one who actually deals with the cause, or even understands the cause - which is imbalanced soul infusion.

I recall a guy calling me after a workshop once in a very accusatioinal mode - he had heart pains as if in heart attack, and very worriedly had gone to A&E. Having calmed him down, I asked him to tell me about his life: it quickly became clear, in just about EVERY aspect, he was going against the movement of his heart. So no surprises!

Several months back, just before a course, all the ligaments in one knee exploded, so I could hardly walk. But rather than getting surgery or some kind of medical analysis, I asked the flow to "show me". Martial arts was the key, and years of unconscious conditioning. So the body tightens. But when youy stop doing the conditioning aspects, the body will naturally unwind. But by bringing consciousness to the feelings around the knee, and crucially NOT JUDGING the feelings around it.... like, "I won't walk properly again", or "I should take all weight off it and just rest", I simply allowed soul consciousness to flood in by paying attention. Over a period of a few weeks, the knee rebuilt itself, in a new more aligned way.

So as kundalini starts to flow into various parts of the body, and as you let go of conditioning of the past, you'll get all manner of real physical pain, illness and challenge. I'd say the first thing is not to judge the condition but ask, "show me". Then witness why the misalignment happened. The final part being having the commitment to change behaviorisms and now follow what the soul is inviting.

Remember, WHATEVER is going on, there is only self-realisation!

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