Yesterday I had a free day between courses out here in sunny Byron Bay Australia. So I felt to take off 'treasure hunting' - it's for sure my favourite past time. It's a powerful tool to explore how mind-led programs rule the way choices are made - even subtle ones. I felt a pull to meditate on the beach, so someone said to me.... "Oh you must go to this one, it's the best for miles around". Of course that's going to be impactful, which I was aware of, and so worked extra hard to keep the space open. And the flow did indeed take me off in another direction.

I'm loving the exploration of metaphysical 'dragon energy' right now, and it's interrelation with the Universal Torus. It seems dragon energy keeps the flow moving. I have a new car (after my old one exploded!), which is called "Aeras", which to me means air. And since it can switch between petrol and LPG gas, it has a very mystical feel to it.

So yesterday I took off just following the flow, and sure enough it dropped me at a beach (not the one recommended!), and in the parking space right next to the only free one, was an "Aeras" - the dragon. And in the sky over the beach was a cloud looking very much like a dragon. Plus I was seeing twin flame 22 energy everywhere. I felt right at home!