First time commenting on a post and send my love Open! I felt the urge to go free wheeling on Saturday and headed off down the woods on a lovely sunny day.The pull was very strong! I saw the biggest heron stood in a field of Alpacas so i stopped and enjoyed the beauty of him or a while then, i have not seen a heron there before so made me happy. ventured further and listened to the stream as it was different after the torrential rain we had the day before, so tuneful! while standing there 2 clouds of mist swirled right before my eyes and then disappeared, this is was anew experience. i was pulled to the branch of a large chestnut tree and sat meditating with my eyes closed it was so beautiful listening to the birds and stream! I was bounced off the branch it really made me jump,laughed at myself for jumping out of my skin! Then to my surprise a squirrel came down the branch towards me and sat right next to me chattering away for quite sometime and i just told him how beautiful etc, it was so special i felt real 'Joy' Open !we said goodbye and as i carried on walking i started singing, i have never done this before! it just came out a song about the Joy of nature and my voice didn't sound like me and i was just smiling the biggest smile and feeling so good!so i sat under a tree and wrote what was popping in my head down. i stayed for a while and found so much beauty and felt so calm and connected , it was truly wonderful! so much has happened Open and Aspasia since meeting you both and Thank you so much for everything! I have been painting, making time for me, finding me, oh i will stop now so much ..... last night i went for a walk connected with a stranger and we talked abut so much and when e said goodbye she cried and Thanked me for helping her and making her feel special. I think something big is happening, exciting times! Namaste x