Maricia, what a divine union! I marveled at the soulfulness of your connection with nature and with the lady friend you met. What an amazing feedback loop. <3

I will echo your beautiful sharing (though briefly) as Im feeling so supported by Nature at the moment, in particular the Japanese maple trees! Wherever I go, they are there. That amazing red they wear, so rich and fiery - and so quiet too. And the funny thing is that I didnt know at first they were Japanese, I just felt it and then found out on the net.

One of the relevances of this tree in my life atm is that I have been looking for a new place to live and the red maple trees are guiding my way (its been a challenging journey!), inviting me to connect deeply and to trust. 'They' have been 'bringing physical support to me' in the form - lately -  of a friend with the right solution! The funny thing is that there is a Japanese Bonsai tree shop (with japanese bonsai red maple trees!) in a village very close to where the (hopefully!) new house will be and which Im viewing later today :)

The significance of connecting with the red maple tree is described here:

“According to the Shinto code, the viewer on a proper leaf-viewing excursion should try to achieve a personal communion with the leaves, in a bond akin to the private communication between (wo)man and god"



Japanese maple tree