Today on the Facilitation Gathering here in Byron Bay, I took people into their astral bodies and journied them through the solar system and to the sun. It was a powerful connection all round - some deep experiences were had. There were numerous connections for example with "Blue Sphere Beings". These are higher dimensional benevolent beings from around the 9th density, they are spherical, able to contract down very small, and expand out to embrace something like the solar logos or even more expansive. In so doing, they facilitate the free movement of the Torus in key locations. They open up portals too.

As I returned the group, personally I could feel a stronger alignment to the Sun than the Earth - it was difficult to fully return. As I settled in the 4D around the earth, I could feel the earth energies wanting to rise through the 4D and into the Middle Realm - it felt like a very powerful draw. I can only imagine this will have some kind of impact in the physical layers some time soon.

It's beautiful working in an expanded group of rainbow souls like this. We're having the most wonderful journeying and reflective experiences. Do tune into the sense of what we're doing this week when you have the time. I can imagine you'd gain from it.

I'll keep you updated as we progress.

Much love to all

Open <3