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Whoa. I didn’t know there even was an 11:11 portal. But wow - good call Open. Your shared experience really helped add to that growing reservoir of trust of mine. :) So here’s a quick story of how it grew:

I recently innovated some shifts within my daily life, one of which is to get up early and meditate first thing to embody my higher self along with the sun rising to help set the tone for the rest of the day.

I know I know - it's Spirituality 101 to meditate in the morning. For me though it's been a little tough since I haven't exactly been a morning person in the past.

But man - on 11/11 at 5am I was pulled unmistakeably like a shot out of bed to meditate. I woke up feeling the energy and went deep almost immediately after breathing/chakra attunement.

My awareness suddenly expanded and I found myself directly facing a huge Central Sun with flares of light pulsing and whisping around it. I was on a white horse with wings, filled with light, wearing a shepherd's robe with a crook/staff in my right hand. I had the sense the Shepherd energy was providing a bridge connection between Father/Spirit and Mother/Form. I asked to be made aware of what needs to be addressed next, and was guided to a feeling of tension in my third eye/head. I then felt a giant dark Void at the edge of my awareness behind and below me that wanted to surround and engulf the Sun itself. So I allowed it to - and the central Sun shrank down and was condensed into a tiny spark, which then entered me and descended down to my base chakra where it remained. The direct realization hit that the Light can NEVER be completely snuffed out and is the integral part of even the most dense physicality. And that through the process of self-realization/Creation, the spark ignites into a flame that becomes a fire which returns to its source - like a prodigal Sun.

I felt and am left with a deep sense of awe and reverence and Trust in life. The more I align with the energy of Trust the more grateful I am to realize that I am supported, even in the densest places.