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I just read your experience Paul and I am struck by the heart opening I feel just reading it ! Like it set off something within me . Thank you ! 

I have shared in the past that much of my ' work' is in the base chakra specifically in my pelvis where I can 'feel ' the rhombus shape my pelvis makes and also the density of the head of the femur within the hip joint. I am consistently 'seeing' the heads of the femur as dense planets ? The right side is reddish and the left side is blue - not blue green like Earth ,but a brighter bluer blue. 

I really have no idea what that means but it's coming up quite insistently. Recently I did a sound meditation with Tom Kenyon music called whacking the bones which I assume gets us in touch with the bony structure. I felt into my pelvic bones and seemed to travel through crystalline structures and undid energy that was unable to move . I got distracted and wasn't able to complete the piece because it felt like I had unravelled something too big . 

Any reflections are welcome. It is apparent my feeling faculty is totally overwhelming my intellectual one .