It is apparent my feeling faculty is totally overwhelming my intellectual one.

Megha - this is exactly where I’m at, in one sentence. Happy to hear something I shared hit your heart!

My intellect - lower mind in Openhand terms - will pretty much no longer function unless it is being utilized for authentic aligned expression or introspection. It’s really good at pattern recognition, which is helpful in translating meaning while in Flow. And also  quite helpful in translating information into coherent expression like I’m doing now (hopefully). :)

I have been experiencing similar stuff with awareness of my own internal skeletal structure, although not at the same depth as you.  Have very recently been able to truly “see” my sacrum - it looks and feels like a “keystone” in the midst of two butterfly wings. Nothing on the femur heads as of yet. :)

Fascinated by Tom Kenyon/whacking the bones so I’ll have to check that out.

I love reading all of your posts and “How to save a Life” by The Fray just came on and reminds me of you.