The Shift is continually unfolding new dynamics all the time. Change is accelerating across our planet. Collective unconsciousness has caused the breakdown of the biosphere we live in, and paradoxically, the breakdown in the biosphere is creating countless mirrors that are now urging a wider wake up call.

This is NOT about saving the old existence though - it's the old status quo that has so undermined human consciousness and the planet as a whole. And new more environmentally friendly iterations of the old system are not going to work either. Only the progressive REALIGNMENT of human consciousness into the Universal Fold, The Natural Toridal Flow, is going to be viable in the long term.

One essential aspect of this realignment, is to take back soul sovereingty from the bankrupt karmic construct we're living in. And what I believe we're witnessing across the planet, within circles everywhere, is a very empowering upsurgence of that. It's facilitating the unbridled freedom to express your authentic self.

That's what I love about the "Extinction Rebellion" movement. Take a look at this video which explains all. And then see how it might inspire the ray 1 (divine masculine will) to express through you, in a firm and focussed way, but also with compassion for those not on your wavelength. We're looking to reclaim lost rays of consciousness that got buried in the sediment of life. That's the 'outcome' we're looking for...