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Dear Megha, my heart goes out to you Heart

The very fact that you've confronted the situation, on a practically daily basis, and think you can't, is actually a good sign. It means you're dealing in reality, rather than denial and deferral. How many people in America and around the world, would witness something like what happened in the California Fires (or any other climate change disaster) and yet go right back to the day job, with the same approach, thoughts and feelings - the same agenda?

The biggest problem humanity faces is mass insomnia.

And on the other hand, when you're prepared to confront the truth of what is really going on, something miraculous happens within your soul consciousness - you find you can somehow summon the courage and wherewithall to bridge situations like this. Suddenly the daily machinations of ego and mind lose their importance, they start to fall into the background. This often happens to people in war zones and disaster situations. The soul emerges and you become able to respond in ways you never could have predicted. And that's when you start to channel the energy of the Universe through your creations.

So my advice is to keep confronting the truth about the situation, as you see and feel it. Keep being profoundly honest with yourself, BUT... also during that process, keep recalling your inviolable connect to the all-that-is.

In loving support

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