Hi everyone,

On my flight back from Köln, I was resting in a sort of half asleep/ half meditative state. Suddenly, the walls of the plane started shaking violently. Turbulence. Without completely awakening I remember calmly thinking ‘It’s happening. Am I ready? Yes, I am. This time I’m keeping my eye on God. If we go down, we go down. Come what may.’

Back home, some time later - a dream.

I’m high up in an elevator with 2 other people. There are 3 of us. Suddenly, the walls start shaking violently. It feels exactly the same way as it did in the airplane. Again, the thought, ‘It’s happening. We’re going down.’ And this time we do. The 3 of us crouch down and hold each other as the elevator free falls. There is no fear, only acceptance. However, nothing happens. The elevator doesn’t crash, it just lands. We’re all ok, but when we walk out of the elevator (where we originally entered) the surroundings look slightly different. And after looking around a bit, I look back towards the elevator, but the elevator is no longer there. The building is there, but there is construction work going on where the elevator used to be. I realise the elevator was some kind of portal and we’ve entered a parallel world or reality. I wonder how we can get back, now that the portal is gone. Three small ‘magic’ horses are presented to us. They look like large stuffed animals, and I am ‘told’ through inner guidance that they will help us find our way back.

Not long after - another dream.

I’m standing in my apartment looking out through our windows. I’m watching a black ‘twister’ tornado sweeping over the neighbourhood, uprooting everything. As it approaches our house again I think ‘It’s happening.’’ And I relax into it. But just before it reaches our windows, in the yard in front of me, it splits apart and loses power. The walls of the house around me shake once again, in the same characteristic way, but the tornado passes without any damage being done.

 I know these dreams/experiences are symbolic of my own inner walls shaking and (hopefully) falling eventually. But I can’t help thinking they are also ‘preparations’ for the bigger picture.

So am I ready? Am I prepared for what’s to come? I know it’s one of the main reasons I’m here. I know my soul is working with fervent urgency to raise my consciousness fast enough that I may be a force to reckon with when the time comes. And I know it’s coming, I can feel it, and that there’s little time. I’m not sure how I will react to all the suffering. The kids, like Megha said. The separations. Immensely challenging. But during the darkest nights of my soul, one meaningful thought kept me going, like a beacon of light in the darkness. That one day, my suffering will enable me to help others when their walls shake and fall apart.

With love and compassion,