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Dear Megha,

your speaking about air pollution and your inadquacy in response to the omni-present ignorance makes something ring deep inside of me. I am living in Mali at the moment and air pollution here in the capital city of Bamako with its two or three million people is a big issue. Once i dreamt that there must be a way to do something against this situation - the thought was, as all is frequency and vibration, so would it not be possible to transmute these dense pollution energies?

So i started a research and actually found something - the "Lemurian Environmental Hamonizer", which has an uplifting effect and improves the overall atmosphere of really a whole city (just Google it, if you wish). Curious about the actual effects this little wonder machine might have, i just bought one without thinking about the price and installed it here in my home in Mali about six months ago. And there is definitely a Change! Yes, really. Not only the pollution is a lot better now - for me, the whole city feels better. Scientific small I is not yet convinced yet and wants to wait a little longer to see the change in seasons, but the feeling is there already.

Maybe this resonates somehow with you.

From my heart,