Hi Open,

Yes, I can see how the majority of people are not ready to acknowledge where the world is heading, but rather stay in their imaginary comfort zones. And even if people acknowledge, most of their actions in response are merely window dressing from those comfort zones.

When watching the video you posted of the family driving through the California fires, I become aware of the part of me that is terrified of particularly the physical suffering that is awaiting us. Yet at the same time, there is another part of me that is absolutely impatient for the shit to really start hitting the fan, because hopefully at that point there will be no more room for people to deny or stick their head in the sand!

I am not sure how this exactly relates, but yesterday I was drawn to this Dutch documentary series and picked one episode to watch, titled ‘Becoming Immortal’, about people who are obsessed with the idea of immortality. I have to say I was completely baffled watching it, to find out that there is a company in the US where you can have your dead body (or your pet's!) frozen for $200.000 (or $80.000 if it is just your head) in the hope that one day they will be revived again! Watching the people in the documentary really left me thinking about perspectives and truths and how different they can be. A theme of inquiry that seems to be coming up for me lately is about ‘prejudices’ and how I often quickly form judgements about people, without necessarily even being aware of it. Also in the case of this documentary I have a lot of judgements about a lot of the people that feature in there being crazy, yet who am I to judge that there is something wrong with their truth or perspectives on life?

There is a fully English version of the documentary available on Youtube here and I would recommend you all to watch it, I am sure it is going to stir lots of things inside!