So this is my first Shift update of this new forum thread. I felt it would be good for the community to have these regular updates and 'tune-ins' as to what are the trends being witnessed out there in the field.

I'd say the key trend that's really dominating and influencing the movement of energy in the shift right now is the exposure in the field of what we're calling the "Black Snake" energy. To put that into context...

"Black Snake" energy is an ancient metaphysical energy, an 'elemental' with the purpose of weaving the karmic construct together - but one which has become distorted over time and is ensnaring people in the lower three densities: the physical, emotional and mental planes. It's able to weave between densities appearing and disappearing acting on distortions and animating them - it's trying to lock consciousness into them. Like for example on the plane of the intellect within social media - the exchanges are light and frequent - they keep you on the surface level.

Back at the beginning of 2018, it first became visible on the plane of the emotions. From my perspective distorting true empathy into sympathy and then distributing the sense of vicitmisation around community. It spreads the pain and distracts from the true underlying karmic source. And thus locks people into limited reality constructs. In this case I witnessed it as the avoidance of presence - resistance to the Void itself.

Awareness is always the key. And even though you might not necessarily have an intellectual understanding or vision, nevertheless, awareness at a soul level is the key to confronting the energy and unwinding it. I believe enough of us saw how this energy was manipulating on the emotional empathic plane, and that resonated a wider vibration through the field. To me this was met synchronistically with the upsurgence of divine feminine empowerment and sovereignty on the surface - a very welcome sign.

During the last three months, on the Paradigm Shift Tour, I've witnessed the BS energy acting in a different way - on the plane of the intellect, creating endless loops of mind stories and games, so as to prevent true penetration into the karmic source pain. I see this at large in the spiritual manistream, frequently it seems, getting locked into endless stories and machinations of the complex reshaping matrix that we're living in. I believe it's important to engage, yes, but it's still as shuffling deck chairs on the Titanic as she's going down - they're distractions.

The question is that if you recognise these limiting mind loops, how to deal with them?

I'd say you have to be anchored in places beyond the mind - either in the base, or the heart or both. And then from there, whilst anchored, to penetrate through the plane of the intellect - witness the stories, yes, but quickly break the loops as they acitvate - bring attention back into the heart for example.

So the Black Snake energy will dance in and out of different planes within the bodymind field. If you stay present and aware, and look right at the distorting tightness when it arises, then the entity will disappear again. At some point though it has to leave your field altogether, because it can gain no more energy there. Or else by concerted sovereign action, it sees the reflection and itself realigns. Then it starts to work positively in the field.

I know this may all sound a touch metaphysical - apologies if so! The point being that plenty of people are actively confronting this deceptive energy. More and more people are attuning to the directive of their soul. And thus as distraction or deferral kick in, the soul itself (often through the ray 3), is simply choosing alignment. Even without intellectual understanding, alignment is happening and the intervention is being ejected.

So what I'm witnessing now is quite a realigning shift on the plane of the intellect happening out there in the field - a definite freeing up of intellectual inertia. People are breaking apart conditioned stuckness. And this ties in with a resurgence of the Earth's Toroidal flow, especially on that plane. So we can definitely expect to see this reflected more widely through the field and within society. I get the sense there'll be a resurgence of integrity, honesty and especially authenticity. I get the sense we'll see the 'old guard' of political/system leadership challenged. We'll see if that comes to fruition.

So do feel free to share what you're witnessing and how you resonate (or not!) with what I've shared.

In loving support

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