I felt to add to my post above by sending the resonance of encouragement out to you all. The Openhand communty has grown in its alignment and integrity throughout what's been a challenging year - that's how challenge can help us!

But you've seized the opportunity to integrate and grow with the shift. Especially with the understanding of not shirking from difficult situations or deffering and deflecting (like with the Black Snake energy for example). What we're doing at a community level, is normalising this energy and thereby equalising with it - becoming as-one with it. Thus we're taking the energetic "sting" out of it. In effect, you close the gap with it and so the polarisation of fear can no longer hold you. Therefore the energy can't land within your field - it has nowhere to strike.

You're doing great out there - awesome. The community gathering around the Openhand work grows daily and warms my heart.

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