The first thing I wrote when I started meditating as a pretty desperate 21 year old was write my first commandment for myself - Thou shalt not BS yourself. 

It has been difficult to stay true to that as more and more foundations fall through and new reality is revealed about myself. The last three days I haven't been myself.I have been relentlessly overeating and over consuming Netflix ( Usnt it strange that I have been drawn to Stranger things whose basic premise is a monster in another dimension) . I feel like I have done a lot of energy work recently and need to deflect the energy somehow as I am unable to integrate it. Having very strange dreams as well in which a problem presents itself and is then solved in the dream itself. 

Feel embarrassed to write this (deleted it and then decided what the heck ) but in a meditation saw a couple of beings in deep blue - their faces we're just a sphere and they wore capes . They conferred with me and imparted some information . I can't recall what exactly . 

Again apologies for the disjointed nature of what I am sharing these days !